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Type 2 Diabetes Management Guidance

The NZSSD has developed national up to date and evidence-based guidance for the management of type 2 diabetes in adults with support of the Ministry of Health. The guidance is designed as a concise pragmatic resource for all health professionals working with people with type 2 diabetes in New Zealand and will be updated as evidence and practice changes.

How to navigate the guidance documents: The management and insulin algorithms below are the overarching documents for the guidance. Clicking on the blue text will take you to that relevant section and clicking on underlined text will open up further information in a text box. Please note that currently the guidance does not cover the management of type 2 diabetes in children or other types of diabetes (including type 1 diabetes) in adults.

Please use the links below for summaries of changes in the guidance:

Updated 2023 Recommendations from the NZSSD

2021 Recommendations from the NZSSD




Type 2 Diabetes Management Guidance